Why Plant a Business Academy Chapter?

Jordan Abraham

Jordan Abraham

Business Development Associate

 The answer to why universities should plant a business academy chapter is simple. It provides students with exposure and freedom to pursue whichever industry interests them. As a living testament to the business academy, through eight months of work as their first intern was exposed to multiple different fields which structure this organization. These areas being community development, strategic partnerships, treasury, and secretary. Given the exposure I was privileged to experience in just eight months during my sophomore year of college- the connections made, skills gained, and an improved understanding of my own potential professionally- imagine the impact this program of experienced leaders and an impressively successful alumni network, can have on a college freshman in at the beginning of their four year experience. Now imagine this impact on high school freshmen, and even earlier with a middle school student. The earlier students are exposed to an organization like this which can truly connect students to individuals who are currently living their career aspirations, the more exponential each students potential and confidence will become.

As a university, partnering with The Business Academy is genuinely a package deal. This deal is not only equipped with the six phenomenal leaders of the academy, their network and key partnerships but most importantly, their infinitely expanding vision. The innovative vision within the leadership of this organization is truly what distinguishes The Business Academy from seemingly similar professional development programs. In just eight months, I had the privilege of witnessing first hand the evolution of this group’s vision for the organization corresponding to the organization’s growth itself. As the organization grows and gains more meaningful partnerships, the vision expands as well as more doors open. Through the many discussions I have had with the directors, there is no limit to the impact and lives this organization will touch on a national and global level.

During their professional development and internship process, the leaders of the academy were relatively confined to receiving an offer from one of the big four consulting firms, in order to reach their professional goals in the industry. Their hard work, dedication, and network they belong to has paved the way for the next generation of minority male students to have the privilege to explore professional careers outside of the big four consulting bubble. These leaders and many of their peers did not have the luxury of being able to explore outside of the traditional firms, and as a university, planting a Business Academy chapter will give your students the opportunity many never had. From a very young age, students are told they can pursue whatever career they want and make anything of themselves in this life. While this is certainly true, it is often an unrealistic testimony for many students whose lack of resources, stable home-life environment and economic power place them at disadvantage relative to their peers. Even students who are extraordinarily gifted academically, athletically, or artistically- may not have the ability to fulfill their dreams due to the aforementioned disadvantages. The Business Academy is the bridge for mending this gap and if leveraged properly, will create a self-sustaining community where members challenge themselves, as the organization’s vision statement proclaims.